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What do brides want today? Why, they want it all, of course! And they get it, when they hire the right wedding photographer that provides it all: a few classic family photos, a lot of fun/informal style shots and something artistic for the wall and wedding album.

Lighting, composition, and posing takes practice and skill. Equally important is that your photographer understand your vision of your wedding and how you want to remember your special day through photographs now and many years from now.

Finally, while there are many differences between hiring (for free!) your friend that does photography as a hobby and the professional really comes down to snapshots vs. photos that stand out and captures the events of the day. A good photographer’s photos will blend your actual memory with the photos he or she captures. Isn’t that how you want to remember your day?

Take a look around at my photography style via my website, blog and facebook. If you like what you see, give me a call. I’d love to meet up with you and hear your wedding details!
I'll make your wedding photos available online temporarily for your viewing shortly after your wedding. I'll also deliver all of your edited/finished wedding photos on a convenient ThumbDrive.

I can also create a permanent website for your wedding photos and/or a Polished FlipBook that can be viewed online, or delivered on a ThumbDrive as a permanent keepsake. A sample FlipBook can viewed by Clicking Here.

Basic Wedding Packages Start at $1475

Sample Wedding Photos


New! Boudoir photography now available! Initially offered as a part of bridal photography packages, the word soon spread to girls just wanting to capture great pictures and to have a fun experience. These pictures are so flattering and the goal is to celebrate the beauty of your body. (Think Victoria Secret.) As a woman, it is my privilege to be able to photograph other women and show them that they are just as gorgeous as any model, in any magazine. It isn’t every day that a woman get to see herself in a new light, and I love being a part of this confidence boosting experience.

These photos are tastefully done and always in a private environment. I’ll coach you through every bit of the process, from outfit selections to posing and expression. You’ll be in good hands.

For bridal boudoir we can create a little black book that will have your guy beaming as you walk down the aisle. These private little books are great as a surprise gift for your groom!

Once you complete your boudoir photo session, you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long! Get ready to reveal your sexy!

Standard Session Fee is $300
Product Pricing Begins at $25
Sample Boudoir Photos

Children, Newborns & Maternity

The comment that I hear most often when I share my newborn and maternity photos with women who are already Moms is "Oh, how I wish I had done this when I was pregnant". If you are an expectant Mom considering maternity & newborn photos, doing so will be something you appreciate now and in the future. These photos you will treasure. You can’t turn the clock back. Newborns keep their curled up cuteness for about 10 days.The most adorable poses occur during this time. After that, limbs start to unfurl. They’re already starting to feel the call for independence! Remembering these amazing days with great photos is priceless.

Want to update your child's photo album that captures that sweet smile or adorable personality? Those precious moments pass all to quickly but photographs have a way of stopping time. Great photographs make those sweet memories last forever.

Look around my website, blog and facebook. If you like what you see, give me a call or send an email and we can get started documenting your precious memories.

Standard Session Fee is $375 + $50 for travel(OnSite Shoot)
Product Pricing Begins at $25
Sample Maternity/Newborn Photos